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Новинка 2016 года!

Новый пульт дистанционного управления серии PRO


Сэндвич-панель с дизайном «доска»

Долгожданная новинка — привод для бытовых секционных ворот ПА-800

Благодаря собственному производству автоматики и комплектующих, компания DoorHan ежегодно выводит на рынок новые конкурентоспособные продукты. 

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We have been producing drive and control systems for industrial doors at our plant in Düsseldorf (Germany) since 1954. We now market more than 160,000 units a year under the ELEKTROMATEN® brand name. With advanced solutions and state-of-the-art production techniques, we set the benchmarks that others aspire to. As market leaders, we fulfil the exacting requirements of our worldwide customer base.

Quality and reliability are the twin pillars of our commercial approach as a company. A finely tuned production management system helps to ensure that our customers are supplied reliably and on time. This involves a careful mutual integration of production processes and logistics, which is why we can guarantee that over 99 % of our deliveries will be on time.

All GfA products are manufactured to the highest standards of precision. We check the results using the very latest in measuring instruments. Each process involved, whether it be distribution, design, production or anything else, is certified to exacting DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 standards. This is why we are able to guarantee such high quality for our products. Our greatest asset is our team of 160 Employees.

Permanent advances in the honing of individual skills and an ongoing in-house exchange of information form the basis of our innovative strength, not forgetting the intensive development work designed to secure our long-term future. This means that there are always various innovative and practical solutions ready to try out at any given time. Cost efficiency allied with technical perfection to create products for the future.

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